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  商务邮件是商务往来中人们互相联系, 彼此交往,交流思想,沟通信息,洽谈事物所使用的 一种应用文体。下面是小编整理的一些商务英语邮件格式和范文,希望能帮到大家!



  subject: Introduction

  Dear Sir/Madam,

  We are pleased to introduce Mr. Wang You, our import manager of Textiles Department. Mr. Wang is spending three weeks in your city to develop our business with chief manufactures and to make purchases of decorative fabrics for the coming season.

  We shall be most grateful if you will introduce him to reliable manufacturers and give him any help or advice he may need.

  Yours faithfully,

  Yang Ning


  Subject: Enquiry

  Dear Sir,

  We are interested in buying large quantities of steel screws in all sizes.

  We would be obliged if you would give us a quotation per kilogram C&F Liverpool, England. It would also be appreciated if you could forward samples and your price-list to us.

  We used to purchase these products from other sources. We may now prefer to buy from your company because we understand that you are able to supply larger quantities at more attractive prices. In addition, we have confidence in the quality of your products.

  We look forward to hearing from you by return E-mail.




  Subject: Welcome to Blue Sky Park

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  A day out at Blue Sky Park is a real treat for the whole family!

  There is so much to see and do for all ages and it’s all in the perfect setting of Guangzhou’s finest landscaped gardens.

  Beautiful flowers and plants, meadows an d playgrounds, trees with picnic areas.. plus tea rooms, snack bars, souvenir shops.. the Park brings you immense leisure and recreation. A new Tropical Aquarium within the grounds adds to the special features of the park.

  With the incredibly cheap admission charges of 5 yuan for adults, 2 yuan for children, and free for retired aged citizens, it really is the perfect day out in Blue Sky Park!


  Blue sky Park

  (For further information, please dial 020-82113333)


  Subject: Offers

  Dear Sir,

  This is to confirm your E-mail of 2 July, 2002, asking us to make your firm offers for rice and soybeans C&F Singapore.

  We E-mail you this morning offering you 300 metric tons of polished rice at A$2400 per metric ton, C&F Singapore, for shipment during August/September 2002. This offer is firm, subject to the receipt of your reply before 16 July 2002.

  Please note that we have quoted our most favourable price and are unable to entertain any counter offer.

  With regard to soybeans, we advise you that the few lots we have at present are under offer. If, however, you were to make us a suitable offer, there is possibility of our supplying them.

  As you know, of late it has been a heavy demand for these commodities and this has resulted in increased prices. You may, however, take advantage of the strengthening market if you send an immediate reply.

  Sincerely yours,



  subject: Demanding Overdue Payment

  Dear Sirs,

  Account No.8756

  As you are usually very prompt in settling your accounts, we wonder whether there is any special reason why we have not received payment of the above account, already a month overdue.

  We think you may not have received the statement of account we sent you on 30th August showing the balance of US$ 80,000 you owe. We send you a copy and hope it may have your early attention.

  Yours faithfully,