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  1. 认为,主张argue, maintain, hold, believe

  2. 考虑take…sth. into consideration, consider, ponder, meditate, contemplate, think over, reflect on/ upon, meditate on the matter(思考这问题), ponder over

  3. 下结论,断定come into conclusion, arrive at the conclusion, draw the conclusion, conclude, decide, assert(宣称)

  4. 获得acquire, obtain, attain, reap

  5. 赢得,取得earn, gain, procure

  6. 支持,赞成approve of, in favor of, uphold, stand by one's side, agree with, give one's assent

  7. 提倡advocate, recommend

  8. 反对opposite, object to

  9. 抵制resist

  10. 意义深远的,重大的far-reaching, profound, significant, eventful(变故多的,重要的)

  11. 重要的,有决定性的vital, crucial, critical, decisive

  12. 充分运用optimize, make best use of, make full use of,

  13. 使用employ, utilize(vt.)

  14. 应用apply

  15. 后来,然后 afterwards, later on, later, after all

  16. 高兴的,心情好的be in a good mood, happy, cheerful, joyful, joyous, pleased, delighted

  17. 当前,目前nowadays, at present, currently, presently

  18. 表达voice, convey, express, deliver, communicate

  19. 描绘,描述,描写depict, describe, picture

  20. 勤奋的,勤勉的 diligent, studious(慎重的), industrious, assiduous

  21. 认真的,谨慎的 conscientious, cautious

  22. 冷静的,清醒的sober, reasonable, sensible, rational

  23. 聪明的,有才智的intelligent,bright,wise,brilliant

  24. 疲惫不堪的exhausted,fatigued,run-down,worn-out,weary

  25. 适应be adapted to,be accustomed to,be adjusted to

  26. 阻碍,阻止hinder(后面的), curb(路边), hamper, restrain, prevent, ward off, avoid

  27. 好处,优点 advantage,merit,benefit

  28. 坏处,缺点 disadvantage, defect, flaw, drawback, deficiency

  29. 参加participate in, attend, take part in, go in for, engage in

  30. 集中精力于 focus on, center on, concentrate on

  31. 专心于 set one's mind on

  32. 抽出时间做set aside, put aside, spare

  33. 依赖,依靠rely on, lean on

  34. 沮丧的,失意的 frustrated, discouraged, depressed, down-hearted, disheartened, low-spirited

  35. 努力做,尽力做attempt to, make efforts to, endeavor(尽力) to, manage to do

  36. 进步,成就,成绩advancement, achievement, accomplishment, feat, fulfillment, progress (v)

  37. 志气,抱负,渴望 aspiration, ambition, yearning, thirst, long for, aspire after/ aspire to sth./ aspire to do sth.

  38. 禁止ban, disallow(不接受), prohibit, forbid, ban sth./ ban sb. from doing

  39. 除……之外 apart from, in addition to, along with

  40. 开展,实施,做practice, carry on, conduct, perform, implement (bring into effect, put in practice.)